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"Iron Mike" to undergo knee surgery
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Aug 3, 2004

Phoenix, AZ (Sports Network) - Mike Tyson is scheduled to have surgery after tearing a ligament in his left knee during the first round of his upset knockout loss to Danny Williams on Friday night.

An MRI exam on Sunday displayed a complex tear of the lateral meniscus after Tyson wasn't even able to walk on the leg Saturday.

"Under normal circumstances the pain and locking that occurs with this injury would make it impossible for the athlete to continue and he would have to be taken out of the game or the boxing match on a stretcher or with assistance," said Dr. Richard Emerson, who will perform the surgery in Phoenix.

Tyson, who is trying is re-establish his fading legacy in the ring, was dominating the first round of the bout when late in the round he motioned towards his knee and grimaced.

Williams, a 9-1 underdog, ended up knocking Tyson out in the fourth round, leaving speculation among those in the boxing community that "Iron Mike" is shot as a fighter.

Tyson, 38, who is also basically fighting to get out of an estimated $38 million debt, earned around $8 million Friday night, but would keep only $2 million of that if a bankruptcy plan is approved to reorganize the former champ's debts.

Promoter Bob Arum, who planned to offer Tyson a mega four-fight deal worth around $100 million if the fighter looked good, stated the deal was now off the table.

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