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Weekend Dolphins & Hurricanes Trivia 8/14/04
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Aug 14, 2004

It's time again for the Weekend Trivia Challenge. You have 'til Sunday at midnight to get all the questions right. First one to get the most right answers wins.

1. OJ McDuffie's last regular season catch. Name the team he did it against and the number of yards on the reception.

2. The Orange Bowl game was previously known as the Palm Festival. Name the year this event first took place, the location, and the final score.

3. Name the date, opponent, and score of the last Dolphin regular season home game at the Orange Bowl.

4. Prior to Kellen Winslow II, who held the UM's record for receptions by a TE?

5. When was the last time the Dolphins won a cold weather game (regular season or playoffs, 40 degrees or less at kickoff)? Name the date, opponent, and score.

You may copy and paste the following string onto your browser to answer this challenge:;action=display;threadid=258

Good luck! Winner gets a heartfelt congratulation and public recognition of a job well done...

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