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University of Central Florida Golden Knights Roundup 8/8/04
By Alan Schmadtke
Aug 8, 2004

(sun-sentinel.com) - In his first season in Orlando, George O'Leary faces less pressure than any of the state's five I-A coaches. After a 2003 season that finished 3-9 on the field and in disarray off it, the Golden Knights have been wrapped in a thick shroud of discipline.

"We don't really talk about last year anymore," said senior tailback Alex Haynes. "That's all over with. It seems like so long ago. It seems like we're a completely different team."

In many ways they are. The Knights will turn their offense over to new starting quarterback Steven Moffett.

And there are skilled receivers and tight ends.

O'Leary has done his best to paint a realistic picture of his team's chances against one of the Mid-American Conference's toughest schedules.

"We don't have the number of players we need to compete against the best teams on our schedule," he said. "That's not a knock; that's just where we are. We just need some time."

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