Chris Foerster Press Conference Transcript

(On the offense) – “On offense we have to be about maximizing every player on the football field. If Travis Minor is in the game, what does Travis do well? If not and Chris Chambers is in the game, how do we get the ball in the hands of the playmakers doing the things that they do best? That’s the biggest adjustment and just evaluating each guy that we have. We have different players in maybe a little different role now, but really seeing how Sammy (Morris) fits and what he does well. You know, just getting the ball in their hands in those ways.”

(On how he heard that Ricky Williams had retired) – “I read about it in the paper.”

(On what his reaction is like when he gets news like that) – “Really, my focus is always on the guys that are here. I know that’s the standard line, but that’s true. As a coach, we have to worry about the guys that are here every single day. The guys that are in practice today, we have to role with them, and whoever has to step up has to step up. Really there is no other concern except than to just worry about what’s on the field and working right now.”

(On the evaluation of the Quarterbacks and how they are graded) – “Every day we evaluate the number of throws, the number of completions, incompletes, interceptions, whatever it may be, their mental errors, things like that. We evaluate them every single day and talk about them every single evening. Every player on the football field is that way, we’re evaluating every position, every day, every player, and finding out how we’re going to put the team together. The best fifty some odd players are going to make the team up this year.”

(On how the quarterbacks looked today in practice) – “It was a good first day of practice. They were out here ready to go and in good shape. They had a good day.”

(On how important it is to settle on a quarterback because there is a little more instability in the running game) – “Obviously at every position you would like to have your starters be established as soon as possible. At some position every year there’s competition. This year it happens to be at the quarterback position. Other years, it could be other positions. We all know the value and the importance of the quarterback position, but it just so happens that that’s the position we have a competition going. So, it’s that – it’s a competition that at some point, when one guys clearly sets himself apart for us to make that decision.”

(On his personal disappointment from not being able to coach Williams) - “I can’t go into that. Really the guys that are here are the guys that are here.”

(On how he adjusts to the running back situation)- – “That’s an option that could be down the road. We don’t know right now how it’s going to be, whether it’s going to be one back getting the majority of the carries with guys spelling him or there’s two guys getting equal carries. That’s still yet to be seen as we see what guys do well, how they fit in with what everybody else does, and then as we settle in on the quarterback kind of fitting it in all together. Either way, I’ve seen it work. In Tampa, we were there with Mike Alstott and Warrick Dunn, both guys ran for a lot of yards, both guys caught a lot of passes and it worked very well. We had a successful attack that way, but it’s still yet to be seen.”

(On Sammy Morris working as the number two running back and his thoughts on what he saw) – “Yes, today Sammy was in the backfield working a lot back there with Travis. Sammy does a very nice job. Sammy, when he gets his hands on the ball, he does some very good things. Obviously being a running back gives him more chances to do that.”

(On Leonard Henry) – “He looked good today. This is my first real evaluation of Leonard. He looked good. Nice, strong, big running back, I liked how he looked the first day.”

(On what he thinks of the idea that David Boston and Chris Chambers are the two most accomplished offensive players, and you have to get them the ball more now that Williams is out) – “You know, there’s a thousand some odd plays this season, and half those plays are going to be passes. There are plenty of chances to get the ball. It’s just making sure that we were really smart about maximizing. When we do throw it, making sure that they can’t beat us is the focal point. Obviously there are things that the defense can do to take it away. There are plenty of balls to go around and it’s not like we have to go out of our way to get balls to David and Chris. They will definitely be guys that were going to be the focal point of the offense anyway. It’s nice to have both of them. It’s great to have playmakers.”

(On what he likes about Travis Minor) – “I like Travis’ attitude. I like the way he’s ready to step up and he has this opportunity and is going to make the best most of this opportunity. He’s got great quickness it appears to me. He’s got good speed. He’s still brings the potential for a big play at the running back position, which is huge. Anytime that you have another guy that can take the ball and go 40, 50 yards at any given time, that’s really big for your football team.”

(On whether he has any concerns about Minor, or Morris) – “That’s yet to be seen. We’re working. This is us. We’re on the field, first day of practice 2004 offense, we’ll wait to see. Right now, I feel really good. The guys are working hard, and should be in great shape.”

(On how much of a better feeling he has about the offensive plan having had some time) – “I feel great. We’re in place. Obviously there was a period of adjustment when the job change occurred. Now everybody is no board with where we’re headed. The direction has come together with a good plan. Through that quarterback school and now coming into the fall, it’s in place. We know where we’re going, we have a nice play book and it’s all set up and ready to go.”

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Aug 1, 2004
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