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Miami Football News Archive
Here is a directory of all our articles.

« 2005 2006
September 2006
09/01/06 Gibson, Vick, & Cooper turn in roster-clinching performances
09/03/06 So much for the Vick experiment, among others
09/04/06 Roethlisberger is out, but Batch is no pushover
09/05/06 Suggs set for an audition of sorts in Miami
09/06/06 Dolphins must find a way to victimize Steeler secondary
August 2006
08/01/06 A closer look at the link between Culpepper and Moss
08/02/06 Better late than never
08/03/06 Vick looks promising, must still pass one important test
08/04/06 Rookie Allen will soon provide big boost in Miami
08/07/06 A closer look at Sammy Morris
08/08/06 Let Culpepper sit this one out
08/09/06 A case of good news, bad news for Phins defense
08/10/06 Manny doesn't think so
08/10/06 Update: Culpepper will play on Saturday
08/11/06 An interview with the godfather of online Dolphins coverage
08/14/06 Five random musings from Saturday's preseason opener
08/15/06 Dolphins add Big Daddy, Fred Evans should still find a niche
08/16/06 Brown's punishing style; counterproductive?
08/17/06 Holy Toledo! Dolphins suddenly thin at guard
08/18/06 Dolphins set to face another stiff defensive test
08/21/06 Coaching ability on display against Tampa Bay
08/22/06 Five things to take away from Tampa Bay game
08/23/06 Mare quietly priming himself for a big year
08/24/06 Here we go again: Dolphins face another stiff defensive test
08/25/06 Penalties, red-zone ineptitude, special teams doom Dolphins
08/25/06 is looking for writers
08/28/06 Dolphins had better not sleep on the Pats
08/29/06 No easy answer for Dolphins' lack of returns
08/30/06 Vick survives first round of cuts for Dolphins
08/31/06 Scanning the waiver wire for help
July 2006
07/03/06 Former Dolphin Seau having trouble catching on
07/04/06 Mare and Jones a formidable combination
07/05/06 Can the Dolphins send an O-lineman to the Pro Bowl?
07/06/06 Players to watch in Miami '06 (Offense)
07/07/06 What does Saban see in Tovar?
07/10/06 The future looks bright for Chambers and Booker
07/11/06 Family woes won't affect Taylor-Thomas
07/12/06 Forgotten pick set to make an impression
07/12/06 A sure-handed Hagan could make Dolphins offense elite
07/14/06 Can Crowder be the next Thomas?
07/16/06 Does Toledo have a shot at starting?
07/18/06 Spragan needs to make a name for himself in '06
07/19/06 Dolphins' O-line might finally be coming around
07/20/06 Why Culpepper and Brown are not question marks
07/21/06 Dolphins' defensive linemen must continue sack parade
07/24/06 Expect to see Culpepper go all out in camp
07/25/06 Trio of new coaches should prove to be a blessing
07/25/06 Dolphins' pre-camp grades
07/26/06 A scary "what if"
07/28/06 What do we know about Cleo?
07/28/06 Are you ready for some Dolphins football?
07/29/06 Dolphins' first practice is a washout; Culpepper impressive
07/31/06 Update: "Physical condition" cramps Harrington's style
07/31/06 What's in a name?
June 2006
06/01/06 Spielman manages to sneak back into the NFL
06/02/06 James primed to excel in '06
06/05/06 Canes getting it done in the classroom
06/05/06 Will McMichael's game finally back up his talk?
06/06/06 Dolphins keep fingers crossed after Ricky's move
06/06/06 Too early to tell?
06/07/06 Breaking down the competition
06/09/06 Memo to Culpepper: Get the ball to Marty
06/10/06 Thomas among the best at middle linebacker
06/11/06 The Dolphins have the W-factor
06/13/06 Wright set to usurp starting role at nose tackle
06/14/06 Roethlisberger's misfortune could give Dolphins an edge
06/15/06 Dolphins pay another Bill, sign Anderson
06/16/06 Dolphins' Bowens has proven to be a solid pickup
06/19/06 "Big Daddy" would be a step up from Traylor
06/20/06 Should Miami go after Ahmad Brooks?
06/21/06 Dolphins could learn a thing or two from the Miami Heat
06/22/06 Miami's wide receiver race is wide open
06/23/06 Culpepper to Campbell resumes
06/26/06 A well-deserved rebuttal for Welker
06/27/06 How about a decent backup tight end?
06/28/06 Analyzing the Dolphins' home schedule
06/28/06 Analyzing the Dolphins' road schedule
06/30/06 Dolphins add yet another WR into the mix
May 2006
05/01/06 Taylor shows his niftiness in ugly road rage incident
05/02/06 Allen should prove to be another ace up Saban's sleeve
05/03/06 2006 NFL Draft: Miami Dolphins Draft Picks
05/03/06 So Vick Jr. wants to be a Dolphin huh...
05/04/06 What do we really know about Derek Hagan?
05/05/06 Dolphins make some interesting 7th round picks
05/08/06 Holy Toledo! A closer look at the Dolphins 4th-round pick
05/09/06 Random Dolphin news, notes, and opinions
05/10/06 Boys to Men: 2nd year players assume "veteran" roles
05/11/06 An unceremonious end to the Eddie Moore era
05/12/06 Destined to fail: Moore fails physical, trade nixed
05/13/06 The Dolphins finally have themselves a backup QB
05/15/06 Harrington trade lends true insight into current regime
05/16/06 Vick era begins in Miami
05/17/06 Should Traylor's DUI influence his playing time?
05/18/06 Can Chambers pull off a repeat performance?
05/22/06 Should the Dolphins sign LB Donnie Edwards?
05/23/06 An update on the Culpepper rehab saga
05/24/06 Disappointing Derrius Thompson lands in New Orleans
05/25/06 Daunte's Inferno
05/26/06 Dolphins lack a good option behind Ronnie Brown
05/29/06 Why Ricky will benefit from a stint in Canada
05/30/06 Morris is a capable backup
05/31/06 Don't forget the "D"
April 2006
04/03/06 Holmes is one of several solid WR prospects
04/04/06 What about Olindo Mare?
04/05/06 Cap casualty McIntosh back in the Dolphins fold
04/06/06 Does old St. Nick know something we don't about Cooper?
04/07/06 Dolphins will return to the limelight after brief hiatus
04/10/06 Early season schedule should prove favorable for Phins
04/11/06 Second half of the season filled with adversity
04/12/06 Who's going to be the Dolphins backup QB?
04/13/06 How much gas is left in the tank for Thomas and Taylor?
04/14/06 Historically speaking, good things have come at #16
04/17/06 2006 Dolphins road schedule
04/18/06 Miami Dolphins 2006 home schedule looks promising
04/20/06 Will the Dolphins rescue Harrington?
04/24/06 Jason Taylor speaks his mind about the Dolphins
04/25/06 Lions' bust could end up being Dolphins savior
04/25/06 Bye bye Ricky, thank God for Ronnie
04/27/06 Dolphins should not make a play at Walker
04/28/06 Miami Dolphins mock draft
March 2006
03/01/06 Ricky's Troubles Could Propel Brown to Star Status
03/02/06 Dolphins head to the chopping block a day early
03/03/06 End of an Era: Revisiting Sam Madison's career
03/04/06 More rumor and innuendo regarding Ricky
03/06/06 Free Agency delayed, quarterback crazyness continues
03/07/06 Dolphins news and notes
03/08/06 Ex-Canes to sign autographs for fans
03/08/06 Free agency looming, Dolphins set to make more cuts
03/09/06 New cap figure opens up Dolphins' free agency horizon
03/10/06 The pros and cons regarding Kevin Mawae
03/13/06 Can Goodman or Hodge contribute in a significant way?
03/14/06 Dolphins hope Shelton is the answer for left tackle woes
03/15/06 Culpepper signing will define Saban's legacy
03/16/06 Culpepper a perfect fit for the Dolphins
03/17/06 Saban making a move to shore up secondary
03/20/06 Allen signing strengthens cornerback position
03/21/06 Stars seem to be aligning for Ronnie Brown
03/22/06 Is Yeremiah Bell ready to be a starter?
03/23/06 Chambers worthy of MVP award
03/24/06 Dolphins were right to stick with McKinney, for now
03/27/06 Dolphins returning to the limelight in 2006
03/28/06 Beasley brings respectability to the fullback position
03/29/06 Why Harrington?
03/30/06 Dolphins made the smart move re-signing Morris
03/31/06 Huizenga vocal about his expectations in '06
February 2006
02/01/06 Gene Atkins evades jail time once again
02/02/06 Ricky on his way out? T.O. on his way in?
02/02/06 Coker happy with '06 class, could add to it very soon
02/03/06 Smith packing his bags for Houston
02/04/06 Say farewell to another defensive assistant
02/06/06 Here's to a Dolphins "home" Super Bowl
02/07/06 Dolphins a 20-1 shot to win 2007 Super Bowl
02/08/06 Is Kooch waiting in vain?
02/09/06 What the heck was T.O. doing in Davie?
02/10/06 What to do about Sam Madison
02/11/06 Dolphins add a Bulldog to the coaching staff
02/13/06 Chambers shows off his stuff during the Pro Bowl
02/14/06 Saban "Strengthens" Dolphins staff with addition of Davis
02/15/06 Is Gus Frerotte really all that bad?
02/16/06 Dolphins news and notes
02/17/06 Can Olson help "Wright" the ship in Miami?
02/17/06 Ty Law instead of Sam Madison?
02/19/06 T.O. hanging out with his main man Shaq?
02/20/06 One Dolphin out of trouble, another gets into it again
02/21/06 Feast and famine at UM
02/21/06 Dolphins narrow veteran QB wishlist down to three
02/22/06 Ricky Williams story seemingly in a holding pattern
02/23/06 Manny Wright must be expecting big things at DT spot
02/24/06 Saban is out for "Justice" at the NFL combine
02/26/06 Welker or Randle El? The Return Challenge Laid Down
02/27/06 Support your running back
02/28/06 Jacobs could be the Dolphins' latest mid-round steal
02/28/06 Gators gather the courage to face the Hurricanes
January 2006
01/02/06 Dolphins edge Pats, end season on a strong note
01/03/06 Dolphins offense is dangerous all of a sudden
01/04/06 Perspective on Dolphins' “aging” defense is flawed
01/05/06 Dolphins sign eight players, three set for NFL Europe
01/06/06 Will offense slip without Linehan?
01/09/06 Couch given a workout...for what?
01/10/06 Who is the Dolphins' MVP this year?
01/11/06 Wiedmeier named President and C.O.O.
01/12/06 Will this be the year for Kuechenberg?
01/13/06 Who should the Dolphins draft with their first round pick
01/14/06 Several Dolphins don't want to see T.O. in Miami
01/16/06 Linehan to Rams? Norv Turner to replace him?
01/17/06 Dolphins show drastic improvement on offense
01/18/06 Dolphins sign little-known safety Shabazz
01/19/06 Say goodbye to Linehan
01/20/06 Beating conference championship contenders
01/23/06 Dolphins hire Mike Mularkey as offensive coordinator
01/24/06 Saban keeps quiet about scouting efforts at Senior Bowl
01/25/06 Saban brings Capers onboard
01/26/06 Hurricanes announce their 06' schedule
01/26/06 Saban finally speaks!
01/27/06 Jason Taylor's Wheel of Fortune
01/27/06 Hurricanes settle for Arkansas State recruit
01/28/06 Dolphins, NFL commit $50K to upgrade local park
01/29/06 Sinorice Moss shines in the Senior Bowl
01/30/06 Miami's chances of landing Cutler fading
01/31/06 Terrell Owens meets with Broncos, Miami still a possibility
In The Spotlight
Five things to take away from Tampa Bay game
Thus far, the Miami Dolphins preseason performance has inspired much more confidence than it has trepidation. Sure, there are...
August 22, 2006 | By Hugo Guzman | Comments (6)

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