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Thank you for visiting!If you are interested in advertising with us we have various programs to fit your needs:

We offer Cost-Per-Impression banner advertising on a site wide basis, or you can purchase banner advertising for specific NFL or college teams on our Realfootball network. CPM rates start $1.50 (per thousand impressions) with a minimum monthly expenditure of $150 Available banner sizes are:

Premium Banner Advertisement:
We can create custom advertising boxes at your request

• Leader Boards: 728 x 90
• Skyscrapers: 120 x 600
• Medium Rectangles: 300 x 250

We offer various site sponsorship text advertisements throughout our network.

Text links are available on:

• Homepage
• Forum
• Team main page (Miami Dolphins & Miami Hurricanes)
• Team forum pages
• Custom packages are also available; contact us to get started!

We also offer bulk discounts if you consider buying multiple sponsorship placements.

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